Consultant, MPC Containment Systems, Ltd.

About Edward Reicin

Ed Reicin possesses talents in a number of areas, both in the professional sphere and outside of work. A professional opera singer, Ed Reicin often performs in various Illinois productions, playing roles in well-known operas like Don Giovanni, Madame Butterfly, and Falstaff. When he is not onstage, Ed Reicin is a busy entrepreneur who consults for two manufacturing companies, a philanthropist who donates time and money to local charities, a husband, a proud parent of three children with advanced degrees from Harvard University, and a grandparent.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Law from the University of Illinois and a Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois College of Law, Ed Reicin went on to become Managing Partner of his own 35-attorney law firm, Gordon, Reicin, West, and Rosenbloom. During his almost 15 years as a founding partner and trial lawyer at the firm, Ed Reicin wrote articles about expanding wrongful death laws in Illinois and founded a free legal clinic for the Near North Family Guidance Center. Ed Reicin also served on the Chicago Bar Association’s Volunteer Observer’s Committee and the Niles Township Bar Association’s Indigent Prisoner’s Committee. In 1969, Ed Reicin earned the Lawyer of the Year award from the Illinois Secretaries Association.

In 1975, Ed Reicin branched out and became the President, Director, and co-owner of a collapsible storage tank producing company called MPC Containment Systems, Ltd. He worked in the position for over 20 years, as well as served as the President of an affiliate sports equipment manufacturer named M. Putterman & Company, Inc. Both companies were purchased by a private equity firm in 2007, and Ed Reicin has continued on as a Consultant and partial owner. 


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